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Flow Chemistry – What is it?

Flow chemistry is called in other terms such as microchemistry, plug flow or continuous flow chemistry, which is the process of performing chemical reactions inside a pipe or a tube. Reactive components in fact are being pumped together by a mixing junction and flowed down through a temperature controlled pipe or tube.

One of the big advantage when it comes to flow chemistry is on the cleaner products, fast reaction, quick reaction optimization, safer reactions, easy scale-up and also on the integration of separate process like work-up, synthesis and analysis.

There are various benefits to which flow chemistry could actually give. Another thing is that this comes with faster reactions and that the reactors are easily pressurized. This is going to allow reactions for it to be heated above the normal boiling point that creates reaction rates that are thousands times much faster. This kind of process is called as superheating.
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Flow reactors also enable excellent reaction selectivity. Rapid diffusion mixing helps to avoid problems that are found in batch reactors. A high surface area to volume rations enable almost an instantaneous heating or cooling which later on leads to an ultimate temperature control.
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Flow chemistry also allows only a small amount of hazardous intermediate in forming any time in an instant. A high surface area likewise allow excellent control to exotherms.

This also has an integrated synthesis, work-up and analysis as well. The reaction products exiting a flow reactor can possibly be flowed to a flow aqueous work-up system or maybe to a solid phase scavenger column. From there, it could then be analyzed in a line or through a sample taken using a sampler and a dilutor then injected to the LCMS.

Flow chemistry also has rapid reaction optimization. Flow chemistry that comes with automation enables quick variation on reaction conditions on a small scale. Parameters such as ration of reagents, temperature, reaction time, concentration and reagents themselves could all be varied rapidly. One single reaction could in fact follow another, separated by solvent each of them cleaning out the previous reaction.

Flow chemistry have easy scale-up as well. The scale up issues are in fact being minimized due to maintaining an excellent mixing and heat transfer. High flow rates and the larger reactors can in fact be used to easily produce kilogram quantities.

Using microreactor technology, it is able to speed up more the development and its up-scaling in a much faster way. The microreactors are in fact devices that are operating through a continuous flow that allows strict control of the reaction parameters to be able to control reactions which are otherwise hazardous, reactive or are exothermic. In order to get significant amounts of such product, microreactors are not scaled up but the internal volumes of the actual channels are being increased by its smart mechanical design and also the reactors are being numbered up.

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Increase Your Real Estate Sales

It is the goal of every new realtor to make it big in the real estate business. There is no other way to achieve your dream than to boost your sales. Here are some tips that will certainly help you increase your sales.

The dream of making it big in this industry goes back when you first made that decision to become a professional realtor. When you take a look at the interviews of realtors who became successful in the business, it is evident that they only have a singular and consistent answer when you ask them the process on how they became successful. Most if not all of them will look back to their early days

Here are some helpful tips that would help you become a better realtor.

1. Listen to your mentors

It is a good idea to talk to your mentors whenever you get the chance, ask them all the questions in your mind and learn from their answers. Take time not only to study the excellent qualities and practices of your mentors but do your best to imitate them.

2. Be your own teacher

One cannot lose in life, good memories are things to be cherished and bad ones should serve to be good lessons. Be your own teacher, repeat your success and the things that work for you and do not commit the same mistakes you have done before.

3. Don’t be lazy

Be a hard-worker, it is a smart idea to read and learn every now and then about real estate markets. Be patient, take one step at a time.

4. Stand out from the average agents

There is no other way for you to stand out from the rest but to boost those sales. Do the little things others won’t, spend extra 15 minutes in the office, study your market, talk to your mentors, etc.

5. Don’t work for money instead work for people

It is not always about the money we earn, the real success comes from helping other people. Most successful realtors will tell you that if you do the job well and you do it to help the people that needs you, the commissions will later follow. You must be honest and a man of integrity in this kind of business.

No matter what job you have, there is no short cut to success, you need to work hard. Act like a successful man, make it a habit to do what it takes for you to reach your goals. You must have a good relationship not only to your clients but to your colleagues as well.

And lastly, never give up. You are on your way to success when you follow all of these helpful tips.
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A Unique Wedding Celebration for You

There are indeed a lot of celebrations that can be both moving and entertaining as well and one of which is the wedding. This is a celebration that is important for the new life of the couple for the reason that this celebration signifies commitment, promise and express love. And what you should know about these emotions is that they are not only felt by the couple but by the attendees and guests as well. The fact cannot be denied that each wedding is different from another wedding. Another fact that you cannot deny is that the task of making sure that the themes, decorations and gifts are all original is a task that is challenging. The organizers that have had the chance to be able to attend a number of celebrations will really find this statement to be true.

Since the wedding is a celebration that has a series of interconnected details it would simply mean that one problem will be able to create a domino effect. At the end of the day, it will only create confusion as seen on funny home video shows. There is a good chance that something will go wrong. As a matter of fact, managing these small details can be easily done just by simply making use of online resources and simple strategies.

Vintage for this wedding season is actually the fresh, new and hot idea. What the brides are doing in today’s time is that they are turning something old into something that is innovative.
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Vintage wedding rentals means that you need to create a first impression and one way of doing so is for you to hold your wedding at a historical place.
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Paying a visit to the antique shop is as a matter of fact what is recommended by vintage wedding rentals if renting antique and vintage items. But the one thing that you should keep in mind is that you should not only be limiting yourself to the antique shop. But the benefit of going to a vintage shop is that you are guaranteed to be able to find the vintage wedding rentals that you need.

But if you are into adventure then you should definitely give bargain hunting a try. It is also for sure that you will be able to find a lot of vintage items in the antique swap meats and the flea markets. What you should know about these kinds of shops is that you can barter so you have to make sure that you will be able to find the best deal. And not only that but you can also be assured that you will have the best price.

What is becoming quite popular these days is actually the vintage wedding rentals. If you want a unique wedding then you should know that this is the best option for you.

The Laser Agent Reports on Increased Usage of Laser Systems in Many Industries


(Fishers, IN) Medical and aesthetic lasers function in many areas currently. In addition to being used for general and cosmetic surgery, they may now be found in refractive eye surgery and a number of dental procedures. Companies often purchase a laser based on a sales presentation, however, only to find they need multiple devices, as the one obtained doesn’t meet their needs exactly. The Laser Agent ( wishes to change this and cuts through the hype to help consumers find the right device or devices for their specifications.

“According to The National Laser Institute, Americans spent more than $12 billion on cosmetic procedures last year, with photofacial skin rejuvenation and laser hair removal being two of the most popular treatments requested. Each company offering procedures of this type will need to ensure they have the most up-to-date technology to best meet the needs of their clients, and we can be of help,” Tony, spokesperson for The Laser Agent ( announces.

Thanks to advances in technology, lasers may now be used for any surgical procedure. Hernia repair, removal of bladder obstructions and treatment of fibroid tumors are only a few of the many ways in which lasers assist in medical procedures. Dentists now use lasers for antibacterial treatments, detection of tooth decay and more, and veterinarians also benefit from use of these devices.

“No one device performs all of these functions, which is why obtaining the right system is crucial. With a laser system, more complex tasks may be carried out, less blood tends to be lost and the chance of the patient developing a wound infection decreases. Furthermore, postoperative discomfort tends to decrease, the extent of surgery may be minimized and the spread of cancer restricted. For this reason, every business in these industries should look into obtaining one or more laser systems,” Tony declares.

Many laser providers serve as a re-marketer or broker, advertising on behalf of a cosmetic practice or doctor. In most cases, they’ve never seen the laser they are promoting. What makes The Laser Agent ( different is every unit supplied by the company has been purchased by them, serviced by in-house technicians and shipped and crated by the staff. When a client chooses a laser system, they may view it via YouTube video, live Skype video call, FaceTime or by visiting the warehouse in Indianapolis.

“Our goal is to ensure each client obtains the right system the first time, as we want to work with them in the future. It’s the relationships we develop with clients that keep us in business, and we remember this at all times. Contact us today, and we’ll work with you to find the right system for your needs. It’s what we do best,” Tony states.

About The Laser Agent:

The Laser Agent, Inc. specializes in providing lasers for medical and aesthetic use that are the most innovative. Staff members bring more than 16 years of experience to each transaction in all areas of laser and aesthetic device sales and training and remain in the know when it comes to the ever-changing technologies and companies providing these devices. Clients often wonder how to know which device is right for their unique needs, and The Laser Agent understands this. They supply all major manufacturers and models of medical lasers to ensure they serve as an unbiased resource. No single manufacturer can provide a device for everyone, thus The Laser Agent helps consumers sort through the hype to determine which laser they want and need.

Source: http://thenumbers.marketplace.org/publicradio/news/read/32722879